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Rideau Park School
Chess Club


Days: Every Monday starting Jan 15th to March 18th 2024, (no lesson on Feb 19th, Feb 26th and March 11th ) - 7 sessions
Time: lunch break
For whom: students from grade 1 to 6. Please be aware that space is limited and we operate on a first come, first serve basis.
Cost: $62.50 including GST (7 sessions x $8.50 + gst). Payments: by e-transfer to or by cheque to Jumping Knight Chess (it can be left at the school office). When using e-transfer please include the name of the student, grade and the school.

Please be aware that your child must attend the school in order to participate in their school chess classes.


Jumping Knight Chess:

Lessons at Jumping Knight are dynamic and filled with energy. We believe that there are many benefits to learning chess, such as developing logical thinking, good sportsmanship and problem solving skills as well as being an excellent tool helping with interpersonal relationships.

We strongly believe that the best way for children to learn chess is in a fun and energetic atmosphere where they can feel safe about taking some risks during their games without the fear of making a mistake. After all, we learn some of our best lessons from our own mistakes.

Our lessons are a combination of a lecture and interactive question period where we learn new material and review past lessons and applying the skills we have taught in friendly games between students.


Our Team:

Jumping Knight was created by the husband and wife team of Paul Clement and Agnieszka Matras-Clement in order to help bring chess to Alberta students in an enjoyable and accessible way.

Agnieszka is the current Alberta Women’s Champion and a Woman International Master with over 15 years of experience teaching chess to children. She is also a member of Chess Olympic Team Canada and is a registered coach in Alberta.

Paul is currently progressing as a chess player, but has a strong background in teaching, with over 10 years experience teaching children in both Europe (where he owned two English schools) and in Edmonton.

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