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Agnieszka Matras-Clement

CEO, Head Coach

Agnieszka is a Woman International Master and is one of the highest rated women in Canada. She has represented both Canada and Poland in international competitions, such as the Chess Olympics and the World Championships.​She is a multiple-time Alberta Women's Champion and was a member of the Polish under-20 World Champion team. She was also the European under-20 Women's Champion in rapid chess.​Agnieszka wrote her master's thesis in teaching chess to children and has been a chess teacher for over 20 years.​​

Paul Clement

Creative Director, Office Manager

Paul has nearly 20 years of experience teaching both children and adults. He owned two of his own English schools in Poland (where he met Agnieszka!) and a few years ago he decided to incorporate chess into his teaching repertoire.​Under the watchful eye of his wife, he has developed into an experienced teacher for beginner and lower-intermediate level students and he takes particular pride in helping young students increase both their skills and confidence in playing chess.

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